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    Liquid's 2nd Annual Swap Meet

    We are proud to announce the date for our 2nd Annual Swap Meet on Saturday June 2nd. The event starts at 10:00 and goes into the wee afternoon hours. Anyone is allowed to come and setup; bring your unwanted boards, wetsuits, memorabilia, skimboards, & skateboards. NO FEE is taken by Liquid and this is a FREE event. The Big Chill Cantina will be open for lunch/dinner and will be serving up cool brews to make sure that everyone has a great time. Some come hang out with everyone, get rid of some stuff, and most importantly have a great time. We look forward to seeing you there! Check out the event's Facebook Page for more info & updates. Feel free to post up any boards that you may bring so we can start getting a list together to attract as many buyers as we can!

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    NO FEE is taken by Liquid and this is a FREE event.
    much respect for this.

    hopefully i'll be able to take a trip down, but am unsure about my work schedule. best of luck with the event regardless.

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    Hey thanks Mike hopefully you can make it out! Right now we are working on getting some live music, currently we have a Reggae band playing that night starting @ 6 pm at the bar. We have a bunch of really nice used & vintage boards coming this year at incredible prices. Its always fun to see what shows up & bartering with everyone so that way you walk away with a sick deal.

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    This is going to be a great event. I will be there with a boat load of boards here's the list of what i will be bringing

    9'8" Early 60's Hobie Triple Stringer w/wood d-fin
    9'6" Early 60's Stingray
    9'4 Garbutt Surfboards 302 Noserider
    9' Garbutt Surfboards Pintail Noserider
    8'6" Early 60's Surfboard House
    8'4" Skip Frye Underground Unlimited
    7'6" Late 60s con crystal spear
    7'4" 70's Plastic Fantastic
    7' Rick Lantz Single Fin
    6'5" Early 70's Bayside Single Fin
    6'4" 70's Rick Diamond Tail Single Fin
    5'8" Lost Bottom Feeder in Keahana
    5'6" Garbutt Surfboards Single Fin
    5'2" Garbutt Surfboards Arc Tail Quad
    Couple of Wetsuits
    Surf Mags
    And maybe a couple other boards.

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    We have been having a lot of interest this past couple weeks! A lot of people coming in looking for deals on used boards, so if you have something you want to unload come on out to the swap June 2nd. We will also have a lot of good deals going on all day at the shop as well!

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    Swap meet is this coming Saturday!! We are going to have live music starting @ 1, free vitamin water to help keep everyone hydrated, cool brews/food being served at the bar, and most importantly a bunch of people looking to buy/trade/sell their stuff. We have a lot of really nice boards coming, so if you are looking for a new board and want to get a great deal then stop on by! Thank you too all of those of you that have supported this event in the past, hopefully we can continue to grow this every year to come!

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    I'd imagine you guys will get a lot of people. I hope there is enough parking! Where will the actual trading take place? In the area in front of the store?

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    We will have plenty of parking, the grass lot behind the shop is where everyone can set up and along the back of the shop/parking lot as well. We are expecting to have a large amount of traffic coming through, especially since we are holding it on a Saturday this year. Hope to see you guys there!

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    Here is another sneak peak at some of the boards making their way here:

    10'1" Ole pin
    10' Austin Solid Balsa Mint Condition
    9'11" Tyler Riddler
    9'9" Ole 2+1
    9'8" Jim Phillips Hustler
    9'6" Bing ISIS
    9'6" Vintage Rick Dru
    9'4" Vintage Hansen Pintail
    6'5" Vintage Bayside
    6'4" Walden Mini Magic
    Vintage Challenger Eastern
    Vintage Hawk
    Go-Paipo's by Ed O'Connor

  10. The Ripcurl/Sector 9 rep will be coming to the swap with a truck load of 2013 samples, which means you can be the first to score new styles at rock bottom prices.