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    Pride Surfboards?

    I know it's a bit annoying asking about surfboards and information about brands, but I was not able to really find much on Pride Surfboards. 17th street shop down here in VA Beach says they're hand shaped and such but I wasn't able to find much more info on them besides that. Anyone from the 757 area know anything about this brand/company?

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    It's been around for a while. I couldn't tell you who or where they are made. Sorry I'm not in 757, but they are a known brand here in the 252.

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    Glass Tech, Inc. was founded by Dave Endress in 1976. The company currently manufactures approximately 800-1,000 boards per year, and employs five people, including Endress himself. "Itís my way of participating in the surfing world," he says. "I have a love of the craftsmanship of making boards, creating designs that are successful for the waves we ride, tailoring a board to specific guys."

    Customers can buy one of Endressí boards off the rack at 17th Street Surf Shop, under the Pride label, or place an order for a custom board at 17th Street. For Endress, customs are where itís at. "Everyone wants something a little different than the next guy," he says. "Buying stock isnít conducive to the complete surfing experience."

    How to contact...

    Glass Tech | Dave Endress
    Label: Pride
    Stock boards sold and custom orders taken through 17th Street Surf Shop
    (910) 799-7811
    Green Room Board Company
    I think they are shaped near Wrightsville Beach?

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    I have a few pride boards , pretty good shapes work around here. price is good esp if youre good friend is married to a manager. sayin that the new VB store doesnt have a very good selection. the old one always felt like a real surfshop.

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    They are good boards made here in the Wilmington area. I have several friends with pride boards and they all love them.