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    Help a buddy out.

    I have lived on the west coast of Florida for 20 years now and I'm currently saving up to move to the east coast so I can surf. Now a days I just skimboard all the time and feel really envious of everyone with a surfboard.

    Currently I've been looking into the Cocoa Beach area but after scanning through this forum so much I felt compelled to get the help of the other readers.

    Where is a good place to move on the east coast of Florida, where I can surf regularly? I'm aware of the inconsistency the whole area has but with that being said I would love to be pointed in a good direction


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    Anywhere Sebastian inlet north is going to have the best consistency. My family has lived in the St Augustine area for the last 10 years and IMO northeast Florida's consistency is as good or better than the rest of the east coast of Florida with the exception of possibly New Syrna inlet. I've spent the last two years living in Boca Raton studying at Florida Atlantic University and south Florida definitely has less consistency. I drive an hour or so up to the palm beach area all the time to catch waves and while it can get pretty good down south theres definitely way less rideable days a year, especially in the summer.
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    Granted I've only lived here 2 months but so far Jax is cool. I surf way more than I thought I was going to... I think I counted 20 days surfed each in both May and June. Granted it east coast conditions ie. 1-2, 1-3, 2+, 3+, with maybe 2 legit head high days and likely onshore & shore pound or small glassy mornings. My limited observation has it more consistent than other places I have lived....VA, SC, southern NC, and slightly more than OBX. Quality wise... overall not that good but it can be fun on the right equipment.

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    ^^^ Keep in mind this is was the best early summer in recent memory for North Florida I've seen between Alberto Beryl and Debbie. Far better than most as you'll probably find in the future. Falls usually awesome though, try to make it down to the dredge at st augustine pier while the beach nourishment lasts if you can. Its only an hour or so from Jax pier

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    New Smyrna =\

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