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    punt..worst **** ever

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    i like sex wax the least out of every wax i've used. it's just my .02, but I always felt like I was rubbing scented butter on my board whenever I'd use it. palmers, sticky bumps, and magma are all on the same tier of awesomeness though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckontheGulf View Post
    Scored some decent waves yesterday here on the tampa bay beaches, pics on We take what we can get over here but I go to Puerto Rico at least twice a year to get my fix. Anyway I guess I'm a Zogger.
    I started out using Zoggs but have been using SB's lately,mainly cause it was what my local surf shop had at the time. I think SB's is tackier but I dont have to re-apply as often using Zoggs.

    Not to change the subject,but I agree, there has been some decent waves here on the gulf the last 2 days. I know its not OH an barreling, but like SotG said, we'll take what we get!!

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    palmers usually, just like it myself over the rest really...

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    agree... palmers, sticky bumps...i do however have a couple bars of Zog's Dream Cream, their version of the FU wax...haven't tried it yet.
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    Love the Zog's! I have tried all the others throughout the years, and really don't care for them. I don't like getting out of the water with a chest full of wax.... plus (more of a personal opinion) I really don't like to have a super sticky board, it just doesn't feel right to me when surfing. Zog's is the best for just enough grip. In fact, i go sessions without rewaxing... too much wax and it just ends up getting everywhere...

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    always have used palmers and always will. love the stuff. i always felt like sex wax was just kinda like a marketing gimic. average summer joe blow goes into a surf shop to get wax for his $30 skim board or plastic fun board, sees sex wax, palmers, sticky bumps, and what ever brand. they pick sex wax purely based on the creative name of the product. im not hating on any particular brand here or anything i just kinda always had that theory on the popularity of sex wax.

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    Mr. Zog's is the original...I really like quick humps

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    Never liked sex wax...always seemed to flake off and separate way to easily. Palmers has been my standard for a while, but the new bubble gum formula is unbelievable. Super sticky almost to the point of a full on smear, but just so tacky! Love it...I too tried the punt/gu wax stuff and like it as a quick top coat/reapply around my pop-up area. Didn't like it as much with boots...but again its only a quick top coat application. My only problem with the bubble gum wax is that its pink...never really into the colored waxes...

    I know of some friends that like the quick application of the sex wax compared to the base coat/topcoat wax application...not me...base coat and top coat..always! No separation, flaking, etc.

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    Always liked Palmers just for the simple fact that it comes in a box which works nicely to keep it from melting all over the truck bed