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    Restaraunts or Cloudbreak?!

    I want to see the "best surfers in the world tackle 25 foot cloudbreak. Not perfect restaraunts. I think its crazy how there going to move the event to restaraunts, which if not mistaken they are.... what you guys think?

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    I wish I had to worry about whether or not I'm going to surf massive Cloudbreak or perfect Restaurants

  3. Not 20 foot lol. 12-14 tops but still #runitatcloudbreak

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    great waves are cool to watch.... Heavy barrels are better. Cloud Break!

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    Wow, looks like outer reefs. I think they just put the contest on hold

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    So, I log in to watch the contest. And the website says the contest is 'on hold.' That's it. Just 'on hold.'

    And I'm digging through the site to see what's up. Because what pro sport in the world says that one of their premier events is just 'on hold' for fans, viewers, sponsors, advertisers.

    Looking at this event through the eyes of any of the above people, many would pretty quickly turn their attention elsewhere - - probably permanently. Because watching a pro sports event is all about convenience. If the event isn't on & no one can discern why that is...? Adios. People leave, in droves.

    No contest.
    No reason why.
    No window of time for resumption of the competition.

    This is another example of why Peter Townend, and many others, have railed against the way the ASP has presented the sport of surfing.

    These men & women pro surfing competitors are tremendous athletes. Yet, they're paid much less than in other professional sports & the ASP is, frankly, what Wayne Gretzky used to call pro hockey: a "garage sport." Meaning: provincial in nature & dominated by small-time, self-obsessed (local) huge egos who prevented the sport from attaining world-class status & recognition. Say hello to pro surfing's issues.

    My 2 cents.

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    I watched 10s all day, and they hold 2 heats?! What a disappointment. Is it too perfect for the "world's best?"

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    i want to see the best surfers surf the best waves and thats what they had...and then they put it off...WHAT...what a joke...

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    Kelly Slater said on the webcast that they put the event on hold so all those perfect waves didn't go to waste. I'm not sure if it's true or I agree, but Slater's point was that in a 30-minute competitive heat, surfers will probably only get a handful of waves, whereas in a free surf, (almost) every wave will get ridden. So more waves for the guys who were there and more waves for the viewers at home.

    Volcom doesn't seem to run an event as well as others (Billabong, Rip Curl, etc.), but they thankfully kept the livestream going for most of the free surf. Even though they weren't formally competing, I got to watch live as the world's best took on some of the best waves I've ever seen. No complaints about that.

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    are these seriously complaints about getting to watch that session?