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    S-turns/ Rodanthe area post hurricane Irene.

    Does anything know how the surf has been in that area lately? I know alot of sand got moved around, especially when they filled in that huge cut.

    I drove across that new bridge a few weeks after they finished it and it was pretty wild.

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    Theres a cam at surfline, and has some cams and daily reports with pictures. I hav'nt been out there since the bridges have been rebuilt. Are the bridges you refer to the temp. ones or permanent?

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    the supports appear to be permanent. the span looks temp. I was there a week ago. as far as the surf, couldn't tell you, haven't tried to go out with a decent swell this year. usually hit the first place that looks good.

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    Yeah, I read that the bridge is temporary but it will be in use for 10 or so years.

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    been there twice since Irene, both for a week at a time...and out of those two weeks caught it one morning in March head high, and within a half an hour rain and wind moved in and turned it in to a sh!tfest....but glad i scored...that wave is dope.
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