Everyone interested in the etymology of surfer lingo should watch the series "How to speak American" on PBS. They travel across the country studying the different dialects of Americans. They do go to Smith Island, but unfortunately they dont visit Delmarva. Anyways there is a segment where they find that surfer lingo really starts in California (big suprise) and then subsequently becomes part of the average americans vocabulary (through movies, music, ect). A woman in the series coined the term "Bro-Bonics" which makes me chuckle every time I hear it.

Take for example the phrase "for sure". I first started hearing that when I was in Europe and ran into mostly Californians. Every time they ended a sentence it seemed like they would tag the phrase "for sure" on the end. That was 5 years ago, now my grandma uses it.

This is food for thought since I've read many complaints about incorrect usage of a word or overusage of a word i.e. stoke, stoked, ect.

Now I wonder if there are words only used by surfers in the delmarva area. If not, we should. What about on a larger scale like east coast vs. west coast? I'd like to hear from the older surfers who have probably seen words and phrases come and go. But also from the the younger surfers who wield the power to invent these new terms which permeate through our american vocabulary.