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    SE NC a day early???

    sure the forecast for thursday wind swell isn't a little early??? other sources seem to be pointing to friday...would like to know for work purposes...thanks though, you guys are usually pretty on....

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    Choppy SE wind swell looks to build on Thursday. The surf looks to clean up friday, but with much smaller, fading conditions and the offshore winds move in Thursday night and friday.

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    i shouldn't have second guessed you guys.....wind actually went offshore about 4pm and made for some of the bigger barrels i've ever seen down here....definitely some 1-2 foot overhead sets, it was ridiculous....props

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    nobody ever calls me anymore when the waves pick up. i leave for texas for a week and my phone went off the charts Thursday. South Carolina was decent all afternoon and i saw the pics of SNC friday. miss all you guys and the cold arse water!

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    yeah it was going off all day Friday in Carolina Beach.