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    5'10 mini simmons in like new condition

    Up for sale is my 5'10 mini simmons in like new condition. This thing is perfect for small or mushy days and is a blast to ride! Catches even the smallest of waves with ease. Its made by vernor surfboards which has been doing them for a long time. It is epoxy and has a carbon I beam suspension system for more drive and speed. See the vernor website for more details and a video explaining it. Board retails for 780 I believe, plus fins. I will sell mine in next to new condition for 500 without fins. Email me to discuss at . I'm located in Va Beach. Thanks

    Visit this page to see pictures:
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    Get a great board for summer and have fun everyday! Save 300 dollars!

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    I really like that shape, and i'll bet its a great board. But i've gotta say, I just read the website's explanation on the carbon I-beam construction, and it sounds to me like mostly BS. I just cant grasp the need to glass in a strip of carbon fiber from the stringer across the very front tip of the fin boxes (even looks like it completely misses two of the fin boxes) to "tie the fin boxes to the stringer and reduce torsional flex" in a mini simmons of all things. This claim on the website blew me away:

    "the concept: less twist = more drive
    A typical surfboard undergoes tortional twist, which wastes energy and drive. By taking out the torsional twist the I-beam Suspension creates more drive and, therefore a 30% faster board."

    30% faster!! I'm sorry man but glassing two strips of CF on the board DOES NOT make a board 30% faster.

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    This is by far the fastest board I've ever ridden. I had another vernor aswell and it was also crazy fast. The feel of these boards is unreal. I don't know if the suspension does everything its claimed to do, but I do know that vernors work like magic for some reason! Talk to anyone who's owned one... or to the shaper himself, he welcome calls to his personal cell anytime on his website. Pretty nice that he stays accessable.

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    Sexy Board which i had the money mini simmons are magical

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