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    Sleep in car? Camp for cheap?

    Hey guys.. So I recently discovered that it's not as easy to camp at a campsite as I thought it was going to be. Everything is aesateague at least...

    I just want to be able to go to the beach for 2-3 days at a time, camp somewhere for super cheap/nothing... and have a a place to shower/use a toilet. I'm actually open to sleeping in my car if there is a public restroom nearby, and I know I wont be bothered by the cops.. obviously last resort..but it beats driving 3 hrs back home..

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    Camp Frisco in OBX... I have stayed there aint bad

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    OBX is too far

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    I've slept in my station wagon on a couple of occasions recently near Assateague and one time in Cape May, NJ. Be smart about it and as inconspicuous as possible and you'll be fine. High season might be tougher...

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    would it be possible to enter the camp site and find a spot to park within the camp site and sleep covered up? act as if you decided to sleep in the car due to bugs or whatever the excuse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etl1692 View Post
    Camp Frisco in OBX... I have stayed there aint bad
    Agreed stayed there many a time in th cabins and tents. Showers bath

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    Wal mart's everywhere are pretty considerate , just keep a low profile. Food, bathrooms, supplies, and they are everywhere.

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    ohh nice! Good idea! Thanks!

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    you can sleep in your car in mcdonalds parking lots and there is always one nearby. a buddy and i did that all the way down the 101 years ago. its not that bad and when you wake up you can go get some hash browns and a coffee before you hit the waves. they don't have showers but you can always take a hippy bath and just wash up in the sink

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    So I just did some more reading, and it's actually illegal to sleep in your car in OC :/