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let me guess.. your homeboy who wants to stay at ocracoke is a longboarder.. kidding.. but really, dont cut yourself off from >50% of the swell that hits the islands. And all you Northeasterner haters may be in luck, the cost to get down there is insane these days, and tons of people are opting for cheaper rentals up in corolla.. so weird how when i was a kid, there were buffallo roaming the beaches in corolla and no roads, now for some reason, a lot of out of towners think its the only place that exists in obx. they trapse down to the beach with their big stupid hats and their kiddie pools.

did you bring the pool? what? we're going to the beach.. but we have to bring a pool with us to the beach! duh! who goes to the beach without a pool anymore, this is America damnit!
I'm not hate'n man, just razzing a little.