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    surf trip for xmas

    hey guys im going for a week to costa rica during my Christmas break from Old Dominion. Three of my good friends and I are all going to Playa Hermosa.Two of my friends andrew and robert from 757 SURBOARDS(their company) have been twice already. we all are relatively strapped for cash so any good/cheap places to stay at playa that also includes meals would eb preferable. Andrew and Robert have stayed in Las Olas but we all are looking for something cheaper if anyone else had any other good suggestions.

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    Man, I am envious! I have been to Hermosa a few times and I stayed at this place for $10 per night. It had A/C and was right on the beach. Sorry I cannot remember the name of the place but they are corrugated steel buildings. This place used to have an ad on the street advertising $5 rooms. I spotted it that way. Unless things have changed a lot since 2008, all the accommodations should be reasonable. There are some nicer places up and down the beach there, but none were more than $50 a night or so. Have fun dude.