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    What do you guys think about traveling to some of these places in Central America alone? a solo surf trip...
    I would do it, but I would first learn a decent amount of Spanish (find a school down there - very cheap) and be suuuper careful. NEVER let your guard down. I backbacked solo for 7 months all over Latin America. Had a few close calls (like getting pickpocketed once and having to run from some dudes about to roll me at a cockfight ring) but never any big problems. You'll meet people quick and won't be alone for long anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toasted94 View Post
    thanks so much for the information guys. i was also wondering if anyone has surfed the carribean during august. i also had a thought of going to puerto rico. if you have been there please share with me of where you stayed, how the surf was, how the nightlife was, and if it was really crowded. thanks guys

    unless there's a hurricane, I'd steer clear of the Caribbean in August. And as this is your first surf trip, I'd definitely recommend Costa Rica, which is a lot easier to navigate than Nica or other countries down there. Easier to get around, more infrastructure, generally a bit safer, etc.

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    the winter months are when you want to go to Puerto Rico. stay on the west coast, lots of night life and cool things to do. I went with the wife and she wanted to stay in San Juan so I had to drive a little ways for good surf. how ever there is a awesome little break called aviones like 15 min from SanJuan right behind the airport. people are great foods great surfers are cool. just remember your the visitor and give respect. the boogie boarders can get a little rough, they will sit on the inside of you and try to take every wave.but I highly recommend Puerto rico I went in March and I plan on making it a yearly trip.

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