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    Is crime really that much of a factor in the V.I's? I have been to St Thomas and St. John numerous times and have never had any problems. I have herd stories about car break-ins, but that could happen anywhere. I remember on Grand Cayman, some people who I attended a diving trip with, were scared to travel to remote spots; from what I have seen, if you don't act like fool or flaunt $, you shouldn't have a problem. Common sense which could be applied globally.
    yea exactley its really nothing compared to central america or mexico, but the thing is its a small island with a lot of angry people. but 9.5/10 chance your gonna be fine. i felt a lot more hated in st.thomas by the "locals" than anywhere else ive been!

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    thanks for the info.

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    I've been going to the USVI since the late 60"s and the attitude of some of the local Cruzans has definitely become more hostile in the last 10 years. That having been said if you use good common sense and are respectful you should be fine. There are a number of breaks on the north shore of St Thomas as well as many breaks on Tortola and other islands in the BVI. Send me a PM and I'll give you more specific info.