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Thread: Stolen Boards

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    Stolen Boards

    Hey all, I've been in myrtle beach the past week for my high schools senior beach week trip, had three boards stolen from me and a boardbag with some accessories in it. Just asking everyone to keep an eye out for them.

    First board was a 5'10 Gary Wilson S.C. Fish with red,blue, and yellow design on it and a grey x-trak heel pad. Next was a 6'1 Al merrick flyer in tuflite construction with a solid blue and gray design on it, with a green x-trak heel pad on it. Last board was a 6'0 grasshopper the nose was buckled on it and it was solid blue with a yellow heel pad on it. The board bag was a 6'6 dakine regulator triple board bag.

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    Scumbags.. I hope they turn up man. Best of luck.