I would like to think most people out on a board this weekend know how to swim, or have an idea of what they are doing ! If anything, be smart enough to have a board to rest on ! Not sure what happened here, but it sucks either way !

I had a kid come up to me yesterday looking about 14 years old, asking me which way the current was going... something you should probably find out before going in the water... proceeds to paddle out, maybe getting 10 yards out, drifts about 100 yards south, comes back to tell me it's to choppy ! You don't say !! Come on people !

Yes, I did paddle out today around 3 or so at Sandbridge, actually made it further out than expected, and was just to rough to surf, at least for me, So i got the hell out of the water ! Good for Boogie Boarding tho ! Instead of catching a wave, one caught me and threw me down pretty hard, I was done after that...

Okay, but just be safe ! Looks Monday thru Wed. Morning will be clean here in Va Beach! I may paddle out tomorrow afternoon, we'll see !