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    shhhhh... es mala suerte hablar de tiburónes aquí

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    Quote Originally Posted by krl0919 View Post
    these sharks need to realize that no one owes them anything
    Lol this is hilarious!

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    You know guys, im from Kauai. I have never seen a shark in 5 years since living in East Coast. It was suprising - epsecially since the life guard said they are sick and can't find their way home. Crazy

    edit: 6 feet+/

    im drunk, surf looks great. Just went out, no sharks. ha.

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    and yes , I did surf. pretty nuts. but really clean right now, just freeezzzing.

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    I'm lovin the comments, however, do any of y'all surf up around that 61st Street structure in VB? I have been out there with a buddy both times I saw something "hit" a fish (I would assume) twice this year (once during this swell). Perhaps it was one hell of a bluefish or something else. Never have I seen this so early anywhere around VB. Scared my buddy and I out both times. Say what ya want, but I lack the etiquette to greet whatever he/she is.

    I totally wanted to give whatever it was a piece of my mind. Rollin up like that is about as bad as an SUP droppin in on you with a whole beach at his disposal. Sure didn't look like Flipper though. OP, I feel ya. Something totally needs to be done about these rude creatures. I wanna see my tax dollars at work! Curious fish with teeth, stay off my beach!
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    Four shark bites in Myrtle Beach last week in a one hour window. Saw a 4-5 foot black tip in the shore break today.

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    5 in North Myrtle Beach, SC...saw the four bites in MB last week. They spit them back out. Sharks are very picky about which tourists they consume.

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    A few down here in Fla. Sometimes sitting over a slab of reef rock gets a lil sketchy.

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    got my **** nipped on thurs by a sandy

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    They're heeere...

    Ladies n' Gentlemen, There are two significant breeding areas of Gray seal now established on the East Coast. One is on Muskeget Island, south of Cape Cod and the other is on Monomoy island on the east end of Cape Cod. These seals were previously endangered and were essentially extinct except for a colony on Sable Island, south of Nova Scotia. The overflow from Sable Island started making its way to the breeding areas mentioned above, approx. 30 years ago. In that time, there has been exponential growth of the Gray seal population. As a consequence, we are now seeing their natural predator (Mr. White), revisiting our shores which hasn't happened in decades and in some cases almost a century. Several weeks ago two seals washed up on my home beach, one with its head removed, and one with a nice large bite taken from its side. Whitey is now cruising our shorelines...Enjoy your next session!