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    You definitely don't want to get bit by one of those barecooters. Better to be proactive with those

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    I saw a huge shark in December here in Massachusetts...that almost never happens..but I have seen at least a few seals each day just outside the waves this past week. Don't know if that means there's sharks around but if there are at least they have an abundant food source. We don't get sharks close to shore very often here, but if the water is abnormally warm and the seal population is thriving, who knows what we'll see this summer 0.0

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    FACT: sharks can only be found two places in the world. the northern and southern hemispheres!

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    I had a shark sighting last week at the Naval Jetty in Cape Henolen State Park, DE. A couple friends and I witnessed a 4-6ft Sand Tiger cruised by just of the Nothern most jetty, about 20-30 feet away. We just sat there and looked at each other and said "that was not a dolphin, looks like a sand tiger, well there harmless" and we just kept surfing. About 15 minutes later something came by my hand and did a quick 180, I felt the swoosh next to my hand, needless to say it freaked me out, then I caught my best wave of the day, nice.