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    btw...White sharks don't go after seals until they (the shark) are at least 10 -12 foot long. Shark Week this week talks about the white shark population within the context of the Monomoy island seal colony.

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    hey if you are new to surfing watch Jaws the movie..........

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    That's it...I'm quitting surfing.

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    I snaked a shark last weekend and he keyed my truck before taking off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YngBrck View Post
    Ladies n' Gentlemen, There are two significant breeding areas of Gray seal now established on the East Coast. One is on Muskeget Island, south of Cape Cod and the other is on Monomoy island on the east end of Cape Cod. These seals were previously endangered and were essentially extinct except for a colony on Sable Island, south of Nova Scotia. The overflow from Sable Island started making its way to the breeding areas mentioned above, approx. 30 years ago. In that time, there has been exponential growth of the Gray seal population. As a consequence, we are now seeing their natural predator (Mr. White), revisiting our shores which hasn't happened in decades and in some cases almost a century. Several weeks ago two seals washed up on my home beach, one with its head removed, and one with a nice large bite taken from its side. Whitey is now cruising our shorelines...Enjoy your next session!
    as long as they have something to eat people should be ok....

    on a side note, Im not trying to jinx anyone or myself... but I feel as though bodyboarders are in more of a risk to be hit by one then say a surfer on a larger board...
    anythoughts on this or its probably just the same risk for surfer or bodyboarder??

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    Tagging bigger and bigger every year off Monomoy/Chatham. I think they tagged a 14-15 ft whitey last year off Nat Seashore. Feels strange in the early am if your first out, especially when you see seals....and then dont see seals.

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    Chatham Whites

    Went to a discussion last year with the biologist who helped shepard the female white from the Woods Hole lagoon and consulted with Discovery for Shark Week. When asked where he felt the first "interaction" between a white and a human would be, based on odds alone, he didn't hesitate when he said Nauset. Darn seals!

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    haha yeah no doubt man!

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    I've been collecting all the dead seal carcasses and am starting a new line of wetsuits made entirely of seal skin. I've put the psi logo on the chest of the prototype, in hopes that Gruvi would be my first customer.

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    I was out today...Early this morning... Waiting on a descent set to come.. Saw air bubbles coming up in front of me.. Thought of this thread, freaked me out! Started paddling backwards, saw the bubbles again about 6 foot in front of me. Seaweed floating around me.. One surfer to my left just catches a dinky wave.. I'm on a body board thinking S***.. Shouldn't of read this crap haha.. Needles to say I moved down but didn't go in. I have been going out for so many years... needless to say I am still paranoid everytime.