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    FS: 5'4 Roberts Anything $350

    5'4 Roberts Anything: $350. Ridden less than 10 times. Has 2 tiny brown marks on the bottom by the fin from a cigarette that my friend dropped on it before I ever took it in the water. I do not have a picture of it because I forgot to do that before I put it in Brave New World in Point Pleasant. Board is great. Just like the name, it works in ANYTHING. Really shines in small surf. Like a fish, it catches waves really easy, makes it through flat sections, but it cuz fit in the pocket like a short board. Only selling it because I broke my good short board and I need a new one before my trip to central america. Go check it out in BNW in Point. The guys in the shop told me they anticipate that this board will go fast.

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    Those things look sick man, good luck with the sale.

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    Thank you. I think the board is still there. I haven't received a phone call yet.