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    Quote Originally Posted by xgen70 View Post
    I was under the impression that you lived here Jimbo. That is what your profile says at least. And you also said that you lived here when your surf report was up briefly, the one talking about all the good spots you surf.

    Anyway no big deal, I was just confused i guess. Today was ok. I think everyone was wore out a little by the current,..... by sunset.

    Where are all the pictures from today? I saw some old bastard on the beach taking some all day long, and it was not me; even though I am getting old. Now that i think of it,. my girl calls me a old bastard as well.
    Well that seals your fate xgen. I'll be posting no more bodyboarding images, especially of you, and it's a shame because I have some really good ones. You've singlehandedly reconfirmed my worst opinions of spongers. Giddyup. Your friend the "old bastard," and that's always far better than a "young twit."
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