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    This talk of teaching made me remember: Speech Therapist--something I am toying with going back to grad school for. In my area they make around $70k/year and work the same schedule as a teacher--this means summers off and long winter breaks.
    This, of course, only applies if you can get a Master's

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    Day trading. You work wherever you have set license or degree are open around the boss...make what you need to cover bills and travel and enjoy life...only thing is you trade your own $ and can lose your @$$...crazy stressful...but so worth it
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    I had two jobs that allowed me ample time to surf. The first was working at a resort on the beach. After a year I was promoted to a manager and made my schedule around the swell and tides.

    The second was a marketing position for a construction company. I had it lucky that that was before the time where they made you input everything you did when you did it so they always knew where you were. Still though, that job can give you more freedom to surf as you have more power over your schedule.

    I'd say that any job where you have the freedom to make your own schedule in a coastal community works well. Of course, I did that for about 8 years and when the economy tanked in 2008 I found myself out of work with no real career direction (and married). So I guess there is another train of thought here as well.

    You can get a "real" job somewhere with a clear cut direction and higher pay. You might not be able to surf on a daily basis, but you may have more money to go on good trips to places with really good waves. That is the direction that I ended up taking. Mainly after I got married and realized that if we ever planned on having children, that I needed to be doing something with higher pay and more stability.

    So that leads me to the present day. Living two hours from the beach and surfing a hand full of times per year. It's pretty frustrating to be honest with you. Ask this question again in a year or two and I'll let you know if it turns out any better. Ha ha! Good luck to you.

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    Yeah, I don't know where his information is coming from. I think he has it backwards: start off with a bachelors degree that COST 100k.
    Yep. Was reading about how for the first time in history, that the cost of a college education outweighs the benefit. Soon after I began talking to my son about trade school instead of college.

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    Firefighter/EMT. I worked 25 years as a firefighter/EMT. Only worked 10 days a month which gave me plenty of time to surf. A few years I worked a second job, saved up some money, invested it well and was able to retire at 50. Granted I have no children, so no expense there, and I have a simple standard of living, no large house, no new car every other year.
    Iíve been retired and surfing the last 10 years, whenever I want and even able to make the occasional trip to CR, Florida, etc.
    My only regret is, I should have joined a fire department in Hawaii or Cali and retired there.

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    firefighting is probably the best one. just don't get married and do get burnt up and your set. or go try to a boatman in like paupa new guinea or some remote pacific island. save money start a surf touring agency if they let you. that's what two guys at tavarua did. but remember no matter what job you do or how much you make, as long as you can surf, just be happy with it. a lot of people out there don't have that opportunity. be happy and that's all that really matters.

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    Id say independent contractor jobs FTW. Lots of flexibility.
    Im currently a Pharmacy route driver or as i call it a professional drug dealer. I get paid by the delivery + tips no hourly pay. Im not making a ton of money but I only work 4 hours a day instead of a soul sucking 40 hrs a week which gives me time to surf and think about what I really want out of life while not being a bum.

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    If your looking for a career- almost any job with flex hours would work easily... get any dawn patrol you want and still make it home for dinner... and - daylight permitting- the after dinner session.

    I had a position as a service tech a few years ago, covered the north east for a company that provides service to pharmaceutical laboratories, was easily able to schedule around swells all the time- even schedule trips along the coast following the swell- and hit up some sick surf at many spots where I would never travel to surf before (CT/RI, MA, NH) even spent extra days camping/surfing in these areas... no college required... just a good tech/trade school...
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    I'd say being a street pharmacist along the beach, sales down? Grab your board and get with it!

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    Ask Fred Garvin.