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    Prostitution?! O' I meant sales.

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    I work 12 days a month as an ICU nurse. Long 12 hour shifts but i get to surf a lot. I could get week off easily without taking vacation hours. It's a rewarding full time job and pay is decent and benefits but it's not for everybody. You can work anywhere around in whatever setting you prefer. If want to earn more money, if that's your thing, you just work more because overtime opportunities are always there. There is also pathways for advance nursing degrees like nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetist which significantly increase your earning potential if you decide to do so later.

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    2nd shift is the way to go. Jumped on an opportunity in financial services to do global ops work for offshore clients (working different time zones). You'll figure it out. Not a lot of ppl enjoy those shifts so they are not that hard to get, and you'll prob get a differential too. Not to mention never missing a full morning of surf!

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    Working for an airline is great if you can handle the life
    style (working wknds, odd hours for years
    moving around a lot, high rate of divorce etc)
    You usually travel free and can trade
    days off.