Am I the only one that finds this a little ridiculous? You are a "professional", the "best of the best", and you decide to cancel the event due to crazy conditions? You get paid money to travel, you get endorsments and contracts and publicity because you are the BEST a PROFESSIONAL at what you do and you call off the tournament that day because the conditions were too sketchy!?? Please! Dont get me wrong I understand death is very reall in conditions like that, and you would NEVER find me out there, but I am not a pro! If one of those guys wanted to paddle out they should have, and the others that did not want to risk their lives, should have just forfeited their spot in Fiji's competition. They are PRO's! I found it absurd that they called this event off that day.

I know Im gonna get alot of flack for this post, but I just want to see where everyones position is on this? Like I said I wouldn't ever paddle out there on a day like that, and I'm no pro, but this is a disgrace! I see Eddie Aikau rolling around in his grave right now (wherever that may be... RIP)