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    i would include that when they did call it, Slater and (forgot who he was up against) had the last say in it, they both said they would compete the next day, kind of glad, it wasnt grinding surf that could have hurt someone, it was more "managable" from what they said. Face it, Kelly owns Cloudbreak, he was an animal out there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etl1692 View Post
    Yeah that is pretty dope. And I'am upset I missed that...... Some insane stuff!
    Lots of that video is here:

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    putting the contest on hold was the right call, njsurfer articulated the rational well. leaving the webcast on was an even better call and thanks to volcom for doing so. it was almost surreal getting to watch it live...

    the asp pros that did paddle out parko, fanning, hobgoods surfed well, but they were not taking off as deep or surfing as critical as the boys who ride 15-20 foot waves for a living and chase these waves all over the world. watching this live was infinitely more entertaining than anything the asp could have provided.

    the one thing that really stands out in my mind is how well-rounded john john is....2 foot brazil to 12 foot pipe to 20 foot cloudbreak this kid simply rips...