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    Ding repair Question??

    So i dinged my firewire quadraflex yesterday. I went to lowes today and picked up supplies (hoping to buy in bulk). I couldn't find any epoxy resin there. All I found was fiberglass resin. Will this work on an Epoxy board? Will there be any draw backs to doing it this way?? Also I could not find q-cell anywhere. Is this something I would have to get at a shop?? I have 3m All purpose Filler in my garage, and hardner. I'm guessing thats not a good substitute tho right?? I've done a fex minor ding repairs before but am by no means a pro at this stuff. But to sum this rant up a bit I have
    2 main questions:

    1. Can i use fiberglass resin and hardner on a epoxy board? (if not where can i buy epoxy resin and hardner in bulk)

    2. Where can i find Q-cell?
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