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    ***Surfboard BORROW/RENTAL/PURCHASE?***

    My wife and I are coming down from Minnesota next week (we're a couple kooks who surf in Lake Superior) and I'm wondering if anyone has a board or two they'd be willing to lend out or sell. I know how it is about actually borrowing and nice board and the damage that can happen, but if you have a dinged up POS around 7.5-10 ft. that needs duct tape to be watertight that works. If you have a board that meets that description and want to sell it I'm not looking to spend all that much (I already own a couple boards up here) but I might be willing to buy it since RJ charges $50 for a week board rental. The ideal board I can use up here would be thick (to get more float in the freshwater) and relatively wide. If you have said item or know anyone that does let me know...


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    If you don't get a response from someone about lending you a board, there are plenty of shops down here that will rent them out for like 10-20/day. Good luck!

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    Thanks, if you know of the cheapest shop let me know. Anyone else out there?

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    where are you going to be?