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    Need advice for Avon, NC area

    I'm staying down in Avon over week of the 4th. I stayed up at KDH area last summer and got some excellent breaks that worked nearly all week. A few questions:

    1) water temp in Avon - do I need to pack my 4/3 full suit? Last summer in KDH in mid July the water temp dropped to 58-60 degrees for the final 4 days of my stay and my 4/3 full & boots felt great and came in very handy. My spring suit shorty I tried was freezing in those temps. Any chance Avon water temps will drop below 65 degrees over the July 4th week? I think it usually stays quite warmer that far south near the Hatteras point but just was wondering what to pack. I'll probably bring all my rubber options anyway. It doesn't take up much space.

    2) Rental logs - unfortunately I'm not able to bring my custom 7'2'' Tim Bassell funboard this trip (just too many miles on the highways...going from MD to Atlanta for a few days 1st..then back up to OBX) so I'lll have to rent a log for the week. I'm disappointed with that but I guess riding a rental is better than nothing at all (or my kids boogie board). Where's best place down in Avon area or nearby to get a rental board for the week?

    3) How are the breaks in Avon area compared to further north in KDH/Nags Head? I found many good breaks in KDH just driving and checking the beach access stops last year.


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    you're not going to need a 4/3 in avon during the summer months. bring a pair of trunks and maybe a long sleeve top, in case its windy. i don't know how the water temp could have dropped that low last summer, but thats rare. as far as rentals go, head to hatteras island boardsports right smack dab in the middle of avon. the boys there know what they're talking about and have great customer service. they'll hook you up. the breaks are great down there, but just ask the guys at the shop for the best places to go.

    have a good time down there, i hear they got fireworks back on the island this year, so it should be a good show.

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    Thanks for the tips. Yea, last summer was weird. I've been to OBX 5 times in July and never felt water drop that much. It fell to about 65 one day when the currents changed a few years back but never below 60 in July like last year. I'll talk to the guys at the shop when I get down there in 10 days to get the scoop of the area. I've taken a very long layoff from surfing (haven't surfed since Oct) so I'll be happy just to get some thigh/waist high waves as my paddle conditioning is probably really horrible at the moment. Cool info. about the fireworks. Where will they launch them?

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    not sure where they're launching them, but the guys at HIB know all those details. sounds like a good time, wish i could join you for some logging, but i'll be working.

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    Last year was a hellish winter (for here) this years was pretty weak, I go trunks all up and down OBX and WB area. Theres a Avon pier cam, not the best looking but you can tell whats up from it

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    The cold water you felt was either an eddy off the Labrador current or upwelling, the Nags Head area is infamous for this at times in the summer months. The current usually dissipates further south of Nags Head where the coastline changes and the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream interact with cold current.
    With the amount of used boards in the greater area, if you your stay is a week, you may want to check out buying a used board on Craigslist, surf shops, etc. May get a better deal than renting.
    There are good breaks all up and down that section of coast from Pea Island to Buxton, you will not have a problem finding a ridable wave. Summer time remember - When the winds out of the west, the flies bite the best!

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    Last summer was a little abnormal w/ regards to water temps. Check the wind forecast before you go. Strong SW or W winds will drop the water temps and create favorable conditions for the upwelling mentioned above. Not always but the potential is there.

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    Its possible for strong upwelling and cold days in June and July. At most, though you would need a 3/2 for these scenarios... Most likely you'll be trunking it. The water is really warm this year.