My buddy and I are throwing around a couple ideas for our surf trip in April 2013. We are going through tons of scenarios for our trip, which will be just over two weeks. We have a week of timeshare to mess with if we want, and we are thinking of doing a boat trip for the other week.
Places that at the top of the list right now:
Metawais for a week on a boat, then Bali for a week in condo
Morocco and south Africa
Tavarua and main Fiji or Samoa

Have considered Micro, Philippines, Maldives, Australia...
Trying to stay away from Central America as we can get there easy enough any other time.

If you have any recommendations on Airlines and boat trips, etc, I'd appreciate the info. We are leaning towards the Metawais/Bali, but are also thinking that we are in our late 20's and pretty soon we will likely be married with kids, so lets have some fun and go somewhere that we don't have to worry about that sh*t yet. So maybe some other place that is less family friendly is where we should go.