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    Question Conditions year round in Outer Banks...

    My birthday is in October and the last renter in our house in the outer banks is october 20th so i thought I would put together a surf trip with the boys for my birthday. Coming up from S fl. I was just curious if October/Nov is a good month catching clean swells. Nothing crazy like double over head but I just want clean rides in the chest to maybe a little over head. Also what are the good months to find clean swells coming in. I stay in S nags and have no problem driving down to Hatteras to the wedge. We would be there for a few days actually so we would probably bounce around and surf different spots if we had the opportunity. I also come up for winter breaks in december, colder water by then.

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    october and november is my favorite time of year on the east coast.
    And for the Outer Banks, yes, it is a good bet you will have some surf to work with.

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    outerbanks picks up most hurricane swells. might be dying by october, but there is already hurricane chris and its not even july. east coast surf is so inconsistent you cant really look forward to anything until a few weeks before. you may catch it pumping double overhead, it may be 2 feet and howling sideshore....whoknows?!?!

    wish you the best though, i love surfing obx.

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    Theres always good surf around halloween, its about as consistent as it gets for the northeast and midatlantic that time of year.

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    You have a house there but don't know when to surf?

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    To answer your question ive only been there ruffly 2 years and it's typically rented out in the summer from April-Nov. So I don't get many opportunities in getting to go whenever I feel the need to. Ive only gone a handful of times a year and last december I was traveling cross sea's so I really wouldn't have gotten the chance to find out what it was like. Just bought a used board that was brand new was a deal and a half to leave up there, it's like a dumpster diver. Nice board used it one good day and had to leave it in storage at the house. Can't wait to get back up there to break it in some more!!!