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    Costa Rica - Pacific

    Hi All,

    I need some help finding a nice-affordable place to stay in CR for 3-4 days in late July.

    We are between Tamarindo and Playa Grande... This is not a 100% surf trip since I am traveling with my wife - but of course I plan to surf everyday so it would be great to have a nice surf spot close by. We are also planning to rent a car so we can move around town easily (traffic is actually not a problem to me - I lived in Peru till I was 25 years old).

    Thank you in advanced for your help! I'm absolutely stoked about this trip - can't wait to get out of the freaking city!
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  2. Don't stay in Tamarindo. Tourist trap. Try Grande or Negra(hotel playa negra or the wave house). Beautiful spots and if you feel the need to do the tourist trap thing you can always drive in and out of Tamarindo.

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    Check out my friend's house in Playa Grande.
    He owns a surf shop here in Myrtle Beach, SC. If the house is too big, check out the Bula Bula Hotel or Rip Jack Inn. Both are in Playa Grande which is across the river from Tamarindo. If you have any other questions PM me.

    Pura Vida

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    Have you checked out the Costa Rica Rentals listed on Swellinfo?

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    Dominical is an amazing dirt road surf town. sorta close to tama. about 10 min away from the beach is this amazing home my friend owns tucked up in the mountains. All the neighbors are avid surfers. its nice if you want to get away from the raging backpacker party vibe. get some peace and quite.

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