hey guys i can catch basically 9 out of 10 waves i try for with my longboard and i can turn and walk to the nose. so im thinking im ready for a shorter board so i can duck dive and catch bigger waves when storms come and stuff like that. plus it would be nice to be able to just throw my board in the car and go. would a fish or a shortboard be my better bet? Im kind of big ( 6' and 200 lbs) so is there a big guys short board or fish that is good for knee high to head high waves?

i really would appreciate any help or pointing in the right direction. also im fairly handy and i was thinking about shaping my own surfboard from that greenlightsurfsupply. would that be way to difficult for a beginner surfer, or would that be a great way to make a board specific for my needs?

thanks for any help