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Hilarious!!! I copied this fromthe saltlife page...

Everyone will know that you've made a commitment to the surfing lifestyle when you use our Signature & Surfboards stickers (available black and aluminum) to identify your favorite things. If you're looking for something different in a die cut vinyl decal, check out our medium-sized new Skull & Boards. For the ladies surfboard or vehicle, we've added a white or pink print Hibiscus & Surfboards decal (medium and large sizes) to the Salt Life decals that were already available in black and aluminum. You can pack a dry towel in our Signature & Hibiscus or Signature & Skull shoestring backpack available in pink and black, respectively. Add our signature Salt Life sunglasses strap to your next order and your favorite eye protection will always be hanging around... your neck that is.
wow, just wow. i was joking before but thats really what their all about lol thats too good