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Thread: Debby???

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickey1982va View Post
    Looks like Frisco, NC is gonna be rockin tomorrow with waves !
    unlikely from Debbie....give her a couple days to get into the Atlantic

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfbum View Post
    All I know is that we are getting killer swell over here right now. Waves started Friday morn and its been building since. I went out yesterday morning before work for bout 1.5 hrs an then again after work for a nice 2.5 hr sess. Already went out earlier today before work, went to work an we ended up closing for the day so Im headed back out now.

    As long as she sits out there, we will have great waves here. Thank you Debby!!
    i don't care. I'm in New Jersey. And I hate you for catching waves without me :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    the forecast is all over the place for SE NC. best to stop checking it obsessively every 2 hours, but the prospect of surf over the holiday weekend is just too hard to ignore...
    Surf for the 4th! I don't think I've ever surfed the 4th with significant swell. I have my doubts with ms. Debbie redeveloping enough to give NJ some love...hope I'm wrong.

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    What the...

    I thought she was heading west

    more waves early next week?

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    The forcasted track is to move over florida and into the atlantic. Some forecast show it picking up to 50 mph as it heads up the atlantic. I thought nags head would have had bigger of a forecast for sunday and monday. Ive seen unnamed low pressure systems push more swell than 3 feet at 8 seconds and they were further out than the furthest prediction for debbie. I guess well just have to ke p checking the buoys this weekend.

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    what a fickle b*tch.

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    looks like debbies taken a turn for the worse... looks like she is tracking a little further out now...

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    Too far outside the swell window for the Midatlantic states maybe? But you never know since she'll be right over the gulf stream, she could intensify. We should be able to get something, won't be flat for sure.