New to longboarding. I have been riding short boards for over a decade. I know, I know, I did it wrong.

I'm one week in and having a blast on it. I am already walking on it and being a wave hog (sorry). Catching absolute ripples all the way in to the sand while the kids float around on their potato chips. I will admit that I have hated on longboarders my entire surfing life, so here it is, I was wrong.

It's d*mn fun. I think I might start exclusively riding it this year. I do have some questions for ya tough...

My only issue of duck diving. I miss that. WTF do you guys do to get through the sets?

When I get much further than a foot from the nose I lose all momentum. I want to hang 10 bra!!! It's a 9'4 cali noserider and I'm like 180lbs. Is it time for a diet?

Do you guys wear leashes on logs? I don't use them on short boards but I can see even more reason not to with the whole walking thing.

How big is too big for a nose rider? head high? head and a half? Or is it an issue of da coconuts?