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It's been our family business for 36 years in OC. What town are you talking about? OC had the bids in December so your too late for 08. I'm not sure about DE beaches though. I might suggest that you get a job working for one of the operators and avoid the hassels of buying equipment, paying taxes, building boxes, paying the city, insurance, and all the rest. You will probably make the same or more then owning a stand or two.
Hey, I have been looking into this for a long time and there is still another way I can get a stand this summer. About how much do you make per stand (profit). I am trying to find out wether it would be better to own one or to work for someone. I know a guy who owns alot of them, he is a teacher at my cousins school. I just want to know what you think would be a better decisions to make. O what streets do you own. My dad is doing this with me and my cousin and he is kind of hesetent on what to do. If you could, he would love to give you or whoever you know in your familly, a call over the phone about the whole situations. PS: this is all about OC Maryland.