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    South Pacific.... Be more Specific....

    So I'am sitting here at work, and bored out of my mind..... I'm reading my surfing mag and come across an add for Awesome site! I want to take a trip out to the south pacific. It will definitely be a boat trip, and then I realize...... I get sea sick. WTF! Now I dont know too many people that have done this type of trip, but should I be worried about being sick? I'am not crazily sea sick, and actually have never thrown up (I just dont feel 100% and really feel like complete d_ck). I have been on small charters in PR, and I went on a charter in OZ, snorkling the Great Barrier Reef which was amazing! The boat was a little bigger and I did not have a problem at all! Anyways I was wondering If I should be worried? I obviously will take necessary precausions and take dramamine, but was wondering what the community here may think.... I just dont want to spend the money and have a bad trip.


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    Take some chewable orange flavored dramamine along..generic from walgreen's, 25mg.
    Works well on rough water..