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    Talking strength and conditioning?

    Hey all. I'm currently at beginner level due to my location, but my brother was an avid surfer and grew up with the dogtown boys. I unfortunately didn't have the luxury as he did to grow up on the coast. anyway, in memory of him and of my own desire I want to surf. question is... are there any particular exercises besides pop ups that I can be doing to strengthen and condition my muscles? I'll be in Portland in early August and don't want to spend the entire day down or beached. also, found a place that offers a class but does anyone recommend any others or someone to do private lessons? I've done the research and watched some vids but I want to be prepared. hoping to make the most of it so I can honor my brother properly. thanks in advance!

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    Yoga. Slackline. Swim. Meditate.
    Noble effort, dream of surf.

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    yeah, go to the gym and work out. I lift for an hour and half usually every day after work, chest/arms/legs/kettle bell/push ups. Also, I commute to work on my road bike 9 miles each way in 30 minutes and the cycling can help with conditioning as well as leg strength (you could spin on stationary bike at the gym). Ever since this routine started for me about three years ago I definitely can paddle faster to get in position for waves and stay out longer. You can build muscle at the gym for a while to get them to a functioning strength for surfing, then reduce weight and increase reps to tone and maintain the muscle growth. I am at the point now where I don't necessarily want to continue increasing weight because It will probably decrease agility for the sport I work out for.

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    Any workout/activity will help...

    but make sure whatever you do, there's at least some focus on flexibility, core stability, and shoulder stability. Incorporate some yoga/pilates (I would recommend gradually over time - don't start bikram yoga five days a week if you've never touched your toes before) for the core and flex. For shoulders, also focus on internal stability rather than building bowling balls for delts... plenty out there on the internet. Do those exercises light with restricted reps at first to allow your shoulders to acclimate. Shoulders are touchy (360 degree rotation) and if you surf long enough you'll likely incur some minor issue with them over time. Take care of them now.

    There are other exercises that are more specific to surfing of course, but I consider these points to be very important and basic if you want to surf.

    Surfing is rough on the body of a beginner. Taking a little time to get your physical act together pays exponentially and you'll flat out have more fun.

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    Ps - I like hinmo's approach. As long as he's stretching. If you mixed his and wetfeet's and surfed consistently you'd be superman.

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    Thanks! I really appreciate (as us okies say) ya'lls input. I'm a tall girl and don't want to get ripped but I want to get my body into the conditioned state beforehand. I've already started the plank exercises and 5lb weights for resistance, along with pop ups and squats...

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    I haven't been surfing that long to give you expert advice, but I do share a similar situation. I'm stuck about 4 hrs from the coast, but I take my board and go down to the river behind my house and paddle up against the current for an hour or two ever chance I get. Every time I can get to the shore I feel stronger and more prepared. Oh yeah and I fall asleep watching surfing videos every night... dreaming about surfing helps me feel better, if nothing else...

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    I do a lot of push-ups, and running. I'm in the same boat as you... Although I'm only 20 mins away from the shore, the surf in va beach isn't all that. My best advice is don't do a workout before hitting the water (Surfing). You obviously want to be well rested before paddling out. Don't even waste you're time if you just got done working out, you'll be worn out in 5 minutes.

    Stretching is always good on the body, lots of stretching. Like someone mentioned above, surfing takes a toll on the body. Last thing is, anytime there is surfable waves coming in, get out there ! That in itself is a workout

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Swimming laps is great exercise for surfing.
    This is what I was gonna say, I try to swim alot.

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    I've been doing P90X for 3 years. I'm a physical education teacher and have grown up playing sports and surfing. I used to go to gyms and workout with weights since I was in high school... never again. I'm 41 and I'm in the best shape of my life by far. P90X will whip your ass into shape in no uses alot of pullups and push ups. You need a pull up bar that you can get for $20 from any store and a few dumbells. P90 X covers it all, building strength, stretching, yoga, cardio. All it takes is about an hour a day...the yoga is about 1 1/2 hours but you don't have to do the full routine. Don't spend $200 or $300 on it either...find a friend who has it and copy it. Of course there is nothing like just good old fashion paddling and swimming when its flat.

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