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I was pretty prepared to just stay in the water and disregard what I believed was a bogus order. But I kept wondering what my 4 and 6 year old would do while I was being arrested and taken in for processing, etc. Or maybe they would have arrested them, too. I'm making some phone calls today..
Yo I'm not sure whether they'd arrest you for that or if you just get a ticket. Even if they arrest for that, they will let you go after processing. You won't have to post bail or anything.......I think. Unless you piss them off and they trump up the charges.

Hey man, I joke about North Jersey....I think I am the only one keeping the North-South rivalry alive and well......Anyways don't take the North Jersey cracks to heart. I just can't help myself.

Hey, let us know anything we can do to help out. WAKE UP APATHETIC PEOPLE.......JUST BECAUSE THIS IS HAPPENING IN LONG BRANCH DOESN'T MEAN IT CAN'T HAPPEN IN OCEAN CITY SOME DAY.............Don't fall victim to the, "Oh it's not happening to me thing."

Lets see how many Jersey people on this site actually help out. Probably not too many.........

Anyways let us know if we can do anything.......I'll write some letters........