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    Longboard Skateboards for Sale

    I have 2 longboards for sale. The sector 9 Luke is a complete. The Gravity 35 Diamond Tail is deck only. I also have a Deckcrafters 3 fish complete for sale.<br /><br />See the links below for details and photos.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

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    the trucks and wheels on the deckcrafters sold. the deck is still available for $35.

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    Price drop on the Sector 9 Luke.
    Now asking $115 for the complete.

    The gravity deck and the deckcrafters are still available. See the links above.

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    That Deckcrafters set up is sick for park/bowls. I just bought a whole new set up about a month ago otherwise I would have been all over it. Any flexibility on the price for the deck? I don't really need it but it would be perfect for me once I go through my current deck.

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    the deckcrafters is sold.

    Still have the Sector 9 Luke complete and the Gravity diamond tail.

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    Pmd about gravity.

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    Hey Zman. Check your pm's.

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    The sector 9 luke is still available, $100.