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    Did somebody say porn?

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    St. Augustine, FL
    Quote Originally Posted by natkitchen View Post
    Did somebody say porn?
    I believe they said Queen!

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    I'm feeling left out.... I don't have A break.

    So, to anyone trying to meet me at..... say Crystal Pier, sorry if I ended up surfing at the North End of CB that day, or maybe I decided to go fishing--who knows. I'm unpredictable like that, sorry to waste your time. What was it you wanted to talk about?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    Not sure about your full circle thing. I guess you could elaborate a bit. It we could meet at my break and talk about it... I mean that in the nicest possible way. Your post reminded me of the lion king and I've had the circle of life in my head for the whole night.
    You going to be my symba? A koon a ma ta da a

    sorry 'bout the NSW thing, he seems to have backed off, and I'm done with it. I'm a peaceful guy, I swear. A little stubborn, sorry, but I'm alright.

    sucks that the beaches are closed. Every town has those overly policed beaches, you just have to drive a few and find one that is not if you want to do things like swim and surf...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    "Meet me at my break and we'll surf together"
    Same garbage on here all summer, every year. The funny part is "my break" would either refer to 1 of 2 things from 90% of the posters here:

    A. The river next to my house 3 hours from the nearest ocean.

    B. The shorebreak across the street from the beach house my mother rents for 2 weeks every summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack N Shack View Post
    the only cool forum to ever exist was eastcoastsurf. this forum bores the hell outta me. i don't even know why i am replying to this...
    this is the closest thing to the ECS forum since then and it's not even close

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourdirtymomma View Post me at my break....I will be nice and push you on my longboard.
    yeah ihatelongboarders is an interesting wilbur