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    Quit being a *****

    Get out and surf. Go back to where you're from!!

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    Got busted up last year real good on a beach break .Shattered 4 ribs and punctured small air sacks in my lungs.My doc was surprised I didn't have a flail chest.I was out of work for 2 months.I was in hospital for about 2 days.When I first got home it took me like 10 minutes to get from the center of my bed to get out of my bed.It was a pretty long road.First few weeks were real rough.Oxycodine was my friend.As soon as I was back to work I was back in the water.Didn't really experience any pain surfing even thou it was in my head for awhile.I have no affects from the accident although I can't run anymore because I get a shooting pain up my back.I'll take that considering.I would just say heal up first and charge it later.

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    i broke ribs on 3 occasions and its possibly one of the worst injuries imaginable. i have broken legs, arms, colarbones you name it but ribs suck the most. the easiest tasks from getting out of bed to taking a good dump are insanely painful. my best advice are just rest for a week or two. then slowly work back into physical activity. you also unfortunately cant do much to help rib injuries. you just gota deal with them. i actually re broke 2 ribs because they weren't healed all the way and i pushed it too early. that was an extra 6 weeks on top of the 4 i already spent doing nothing. just heal up my man and good luck.

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