I think it should be considered a strong sign of what surfing does to one's soul when they are weighing the options between a career away from the ocean, and surfing.

I had a child late in life. Up until then, I chose surfing and my career path, along with my finances, suffered. Note, not everyone is like this....there's probably a ton of guys that'll come on here and say they make 6 figures and sport a posh pad next to their favorite reef. I'm willing to bet there are more that are like me.

After having my child, I decided that I needed a real career....and that took me pretty damn far from the ocean. And for the first couple of years, it ACHED. I had surfing dreams what seemed like 2-3 times a week while sleeping. Fortunately, I lived in Colorado at the time and I am an avid skier. And as much as I love skiing, it couldn't fully take the place of surfing.

But I've been in my career of choice for almost 20 years now, and I don't regret it. After a few years, I started taking vacations which allowed me to get in the water for a week or 2 once or twice a year. And, I built up enough bank to where I was able to purchase, with cash, a piece of land next to the water in the Pacific Northwest. When I retire in the next year or two, I'm cashing in all my equity and building on that land and going back to my roots. If I decide to work, it'll be to take up my spare time and supplement my retirement pension. And I'll only be 50.

So, it's all about deciding to make a sacrifice. You could build your resume in Utah, then put in for something on the West Coast. Oregon and Washington are constantly looking for people with the experience you describe.

But you also need to know that rocking up to Seaside Point is not the same as pulling up into Ruggles. There's a reason so many people are so damn surly up there. Be prepared.

Just my .02 cents....good luck.