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    Why is southern nc missing the swell i mean banks and florida are good. But next weekend in feb for nc is looking preety good with a low pres. coming in fri. its still way to early to tell.

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    outer banks looking to block this swell for the beginning of next week:

    here's the east coast video forecasts:

  3. Screew the obx!!!!!! no jk i dont know why i did't think of that typical grom

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    wow, posting on the swellinfo forum now?...i am impressed

  5. You very well should be. Yea i am moving up in the world.

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    Everyone from ECS is on here, they just dont post the vulger **** on this forum like the other...........

    WB.....WB always misses north swells, but FL and PR get them, go getcha some! or goto hatty......
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  7. Me nor cankles even surf you big headed bafoon.