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    Isurus i-Elite 222 Short Arm Full size LS - $200 Monmouth County

    Isurus Wetsuits
    i-Elite 222 SAF (short arm full)
    Size: LS

    Bought this and surfed in it once for about an hour. Did not pee in it. It's too big for me. These suits are designed to be worn tight. I bought a medium and it's perfect for me so I'm selling the LS.

    I'm 5'9" 170. The Large Short (LS) would probably be perfect for someone around 5'10" or so 180lbs-ish

    $289.95 brand new. Save $90 and get this one for $200 in perfect condition used only once.

    I love my new medium. I own two of their suits. Believe the hype. Closed cell Yamamoto neoprene holds no water. The suit is super light weight and flexible and keeps you warm. They are worth the extra penny if you ask me. After surfing with a friend we hung our wetsuits up next to each other. The O'Neil had a puddle of water underneath and the Isurus had a few drips.

    I'm in Fair Haven.

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    I have this same suit they are awesome. I have surfed over 20 years in various suits and have mostly used O'Neill. I will most likely buy a winter full Isurus. Light, warm and fit well