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Thread: New Board?

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    New Board?

    I am looking to purchase a new board but I have no idea what to get. Right now i am on a channel islands pod 5'4" and i love it but i want a board that can handle epic obx when its really steep and big. the reason i loved my pod was because it was so easy to catch waves due to the added volume in the nose. any suggestions guys?

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    Mahady Lineup Killer Model

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    A recommendation from the Al' Merrick (Burton) lineup: The Neckbeard has volume, like the Pod, with more of a pulled in nose. I am not sure how the extra wide tail will hold in "epic" OBX surf - it rides great in Wilmington during hurricane season.

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    What's your style. How good do you surf? Do you like swallow tails or rpins? I assume it's for barrel hunting. Are you a weak paddler? Do you like boxy rails or really sensitive rails? A lot of personal preferences. If you like the hybrid shape then maybe a hybrid step up... Like the lost rock up or rusty slayer. If you like the CI (burton snowboard) guys then maybe a wizards sleeve or deep six. All those hybrids can handle head high to way over head. Keep a wide nose and hybrid shape and you'll probably have no trouble transitioning back and forth.