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    epic swell tmrw.

    OK I guess I 'll be first to join the hype wagon..

    Whats your thoughts on the waist high@ 7sec swell for tmrw.

    Let the exciting speculation begin.

    ..edit: free slurpee at 711 today.
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    dude.... this is like saying its "sunny" on the way to the beach.... don't jinx it!!!! lol.

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    WAYYY underforecasted! its already building . went out this morning it was head high to 3 feet overhead. it should peak tomorrow morning. my guess double overhead and offshore winds. so pumped

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    i took the day off to wax my hawaiin gun and mentally prepare myself

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    You can thank me... I'll be away at a two-day conference inland.

    But I will hit it pre-dawn tomorrow before I leave!

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    Where is it gonna be best?

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    its going to be best at that one spot that favors these conditions

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    Can I borrow someone's 11' big wave leash? I snapped mine from last week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickzilla720 View Post
    Can I borrow someone's 11' big wave leash? I snapped mine from last week...
    got you bro same problem here in wrightsville. Us locals have been superglueing our d*cks to the board

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    I'm driving up to the dirty jerz with a truck full of rhino chasers. Those shallow Jersey reefs snap boards in ways that make Teahupo'o look like mush burgers. I'm bringing my favorite dolphins too.

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