My family and I are considering moving to Delaware because it's hard to afford the cost of living in NJ now. The taxes are close to $9,000.00. I look at Delaware and the taxes are only $500 annually. This is a huge difference.

I don't see what we really get for our taxes here in NJ but was curious why the taxes are so low there. Could any people from Delaware explain why the taxes are lower? Are the schools good in Delaware? Are the schools run at the state level instead of the local level?

Also, we are looking at living in a Coastal town there but didn't want to just have summer people or old retired people for neighbors. Are there any beach towns there with a high population of annual people that have kids? We looked at Rehoboth but it seems like it's mainly tourists and can get quite busy with the boardwalk.

Feel free to pm me if you don't want to post the information on the forum. Also, don't worry I will always respect locals in the area and I know my place in a lineup.