So, I finally got some good waves this morning to give my sweet potato a solid run.

Board Specs: 6'x23''x3'', the FST version, quad V bamboo fins by RFC.

My stats: 6'3" 215ish

Conditions: Surfed 1st st jetty, most sets were around stomach to chest with occ shoulder every 30-40 mins, a bit mushy with the higher tide but very fast once it hit the sand. clean and semi glassy with 5-10 mph off shores.

Board review: F'n AMAZING!. crazy fast, the rail to rail transition with the spine on the bottom is completely effortless, held on the bigger faces pretty well and caught just about any wave but needed to be a bit on the inside compared to the longboarders. I rode it the other day in some chest to shoulder with occ head high bomb NE wind chop and it was just as fun. I think when the company mentions it's a small to medium wave board, the really mean that geared towards locations that get big surf which our biggest surf is usually head high, atleast in VB. All in all, I would definetly get one of these or atleast look into a used one if you are the slightest bit interested.