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    mp1 look at some buoys and provide us with next week's report. If you get it wrong, we phauck you up.
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    Who's phone you callin gay?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by mp1 View Post
    you guys are all correct. i'm a douche, a kook, a boogie boarder, from PA, incapable of looking at other sites, need to ride my bike, need to talk to my mommy, blah, blah, blah. the fact is that i questioned the accuracy of this forecasters ability as well as, his motivation for changing wind direction, swell height, predicting a week out, all the rest. when in the end, all he does is give his opinion. he has no idea where i surf nor do ya'll. All i see from you dudes is a bunch of useless insults made comfortably from your office cubicle or your gay phones. Like i stated before, your silly, angered up nonsense, only makes you guys sound ridiculous, just like you look when you try to call out someone in the water. you probably call eachother "Watermen" too. go ride your sups.
    My phone is totally straight.

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    LMAO! My forcast from swell has been dead on almost every time, just sayin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Here is the only forecast I am 100% certain about (and it might earn me some points toward that free SI t-shirt and maybe a shot at getting on the SI Surf Team and get a free subscription to Swell Info Surf Shred Yeti.. or "SISSY" for short):
    mp1 will continue to be completely oblivious to anything resembling reality for the foreseeable future. One day he will start the most accurate Communist surf forecasting site in the universe... it will last 3 hours and 21 minutes before he gives up and goes back to the basement.
    this dude... your tip must be burning for those tee-shirts. Your rip makes absolutely no sense. if i were a troll i wouldn't be reiterating my comments. the fact of the matter is that sites like this force interested people into doing further research into swell dynamics and local influences. i will not insult the admin any further with my comments, b/c to be honest he was the only one with a useful retort. my advice to him, is to lose all the fancy colors and provide a more basic template. its the steak that sells, not the sizzle (atleast in this case). If anything it will weed out every uninformed person that clogs our local break that shows up for every swell.

    Now, for you EROCK if you would like to continue your bs with me. I will be glad to respond to your retarded comments with pleasure, so that you can spend more time flipping between your twitter feed, this, and the porn that you may have open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idsmashh View Post
    haha. It's funny cause your in OC. It went off this morning
    it was sarcasm haha i was out, it was real fun